Wednesday, February 18

Two LONG Months!!

My wedding will be April 18th of this year so it is officially two months away (59 days to be exact)!! I just spent some time looking at my videographer's new blog and I watched some videos of a bride getting ready and now I'm getting butterflies in my stomach!! The name of the company is Sweet Pea Studio. The owner, Daniel, is a great person to work with. He is very prompt and easy to get in touch with so check him out if you are in the NY NJ area.

I am so excited and I can't wait for my wedding. I am attending my first fitting next Saturday and I am anxiously waiting for my surprise bridal shower which could be any weekend now. It is so exciting to have all of these events to celebrate a marriage and I am truly happy to share these moments with you guys!

I sent my invitations out this past weekend and I completed my table numbers. I will post some photos for everyone. I am currently working on menus for the tables at the reception and crossword puzzles for my out of town baskets to test our closest family and friends to see how well they know us.

I am also working on invitations for many couples who are also getting married soon as well as monograms, reception details and other things so I have been keeping very busy.

My new website is going to be up soon (keeping my fingers crossed). It's up now but now totally set up so no peeking!!


Lori DeFilippo said...

I didn't know you were getting married too Jess! Thats great! Lots of luck!

Amber said...

sooo close! you must be so excited!! :) Your invites are beautiful!