Monday, April 6

Ahh, Mondays!

As most of you know, my wedding is quickly approaching! This past Saturday was my Bachelorette Party. It was a great time and my girls did a wonderful job planning a fabulous party for me. We got a limo and went to a couple places in our area to dance and get down!

As I'm learning - I'm not twenty-one anymore so it takes a little longer to recover from a night of dancing and of course having a couple too many girl drinks!! I had to take yesterday to relax and unwind, but I am back today and working on many projects including monograms, invitations, programs, menus, the list really goes on!

I will try to post more, but the weather has not been great, so I haven't had a chance to photograph some of my new pieces. Hopefully the sun will poke through tomorrow and I can get some of my new work up for you guys to see!

Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

have a great week too. best wishes on your upcoming nuptials !!