Thursday, September 17

Kate & Bob

This is the seating chart I created for Kate and Bob's upcoming wedding. We incorporated the wave motif that they used on their wedding invitations along with a shell motif.

Instead of handing out programs, the couple opted for a framed program at the entry to the church. It will be 18" wide x 24" tall and it has all of the details typically found in a wedding program.

They wanted to put a framed map at each table to show guests where they can find which foods, since they are having food stations at their wedding, so we created a 5"x7" map. They will print and frame the maps to put at each table.


Phil Miller said...

I really like the map idea. That is a really cool way to do it!

As usual great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all of that for us- we got rave reviews on everything you created! The station map was a total hit! Thanks again-