Friday, September 18

It is not ok to..


I love all of my readers because, if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't be here creating all of these things that I LOVE to create.

I know that it is probably only a very small percentage of people who would do such a thing but...

I recently had an inquiry to use a monogram that the bride already had, to create stickers and other wedding items. The interesting thing was, when I looked at the monogram, the motif on the monogram was exactly the same as one of the monograms I offer to brides here on my blog and in my etsy shop. Now, there are many clip arts that graphic designers use, so sometimes we may have very similar monograms and sometimes, the same motifs when it is something that can be purchased for use, but this motif was something I had created, it is not something that you can just buy the rights to. It was also in the same color as posted on my blog. The only adjustment was that the names were not the same (of course).

I am really upset that my work has been abused in this manner and I just want t0 be clear that it is not ok to transfer the rights of my graphics to anyone.

The monograms purchased from my shop are for the client's personal use only, they are not transferrable.


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