Thursday, September 3

Today is just NOT my day!!

A little vent for me since everything has been a mess since I woke up!

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, stuffy nose, sore throat, and I was hoping it would pass. Well I woke up this morning with just about every symptom of the flu except a fever. I am hoping that it is just a bad cold but I am monitoring it. I have been really concerned about catching the flu since I've been pregnant and it seems like just about everyone is sick right now.

So I woke up early with the intentions to get all of my work done this morning so that I can relax for the balance of the day, and program that I rely on for 90% of my work has completely crashed. So now, I have to reinstall and go through that whole ordeal so that I can even start to work.

It is not always peachy working alone!!! I just want to call in a much needed sick day!!!

On a lighter note, we've found out that we're having a GIRL!!!

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