Sunday, November 15

Important Information re: Availability


I have posted regarding my availability on my etsy shop announcements and I would also like to take a moment to do so here on my blog.

As most of you know, I will be taking a brief maternity leave for the month of January. I will take limited work in that time, but on a first come first serve basis and I am limiting it to digital files (but not invitation design).

I will start back on printed assembled items in February. I am already booked for invitations that need to ship in February and through mid March. I can not accept any new orders for invitations needed within this time period.

I am accepting new orders for invitations that are needed after mid March, so weddings in June 2010 and after.

Below is my availability for new work through the end of this year:

Wedding Invitations
I am completely booked through the end of this year, this is for both printed/ assembled invitations and digital files. I can not accept any new orders for either option.

Stock Monograms
I will continue to take orders for these through the end of December.

Custom Designed Monograms
I am not accepting new orders for these as of December 1st.

Reception Details & Other Items
I have VERY limited availability through the end of the year, all orders must be placed by December 1st, to ship before the end of the year.

** I do not reserve spots for orders unless I receive a deposit for work, if you have inquired about items that you would need within this time frame and have not placed an order, I can not guarantee that I can still accommodate your order**

Thank you!

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