Wednesday, November 18

I've been blogged!

It is so fun when I find that my work has been blogged! I love to bean inspiration to couple's planning their wedding. I feel so silly, I thought I was blogged from Portugal, but in fact it is from Brazil!! Nonetheless, I am still flattered!!

Here is a link to the blog, just scroll down to the second November 18th post:

And I have to say that this is truly a beautiful blog for wedding inspiration!! Enjoy!!


Thaís Abrão. said...

Actually you've been blogged from Brazil.

Dierê said...

Hello, Dear!

This blog is from Brazil, not from Portugal.

I've just found you because of it! ;)


Ivana Gehlen said...

This blog is from Brazil! A city called Porto Alegre, is wonderful! I love it!

Lou said...

Actually, it's a blog from Brazil! I'm brazilian and I aleays read it (even though I'm not getting married any time soon!).
The author said she loves your work and, visiting your site, I just loved it too! So beautiful!

Gabrieli Chanas said...

Hi, Jessica! I'm the blogger! My name is Gabrieli and I live in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I'm getting married next year and I really love your designes. I had to show them to my readers. Cheers from Brazil!!!