Monday, February 1

Back to Work!

Hello! I had the baby and we are doing well. I am back to work, but I am not accepting new invitation orders at the moment. I want to get readjusted to my work schedule with the baby and see how things go so I will only be booking the few remaining orders that I currently am speaking with clients about, then I will hold off booking new invitation orders for a month or so. My schedule is open for invitations that need to ship in May and after, but I do not want to take new orders right now until I am more comfortable with my workload/ schedule. I am also booked for reception details for weddings through the end of April, so I will not be accepting new orders for weddings through the end of April. If you would like to purchase monograms you may do so through my etsy shop. Thanks! Jessica


Marni Gold said...

Jessica! Congrats on the baby!

love2mocha&skizz said...

Jessica, Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!!!