Thursday, April 7

Paddle Fan Programs

I have received many requests for paddle programs, but I was always intimidated by the idea of trying to make one, so I always turned brides away. I had worked with this client for at least 7 months now, on many different pieces for her daughter's wedding, so when she came to me with the request, I thought to give it a shot. I did some research to see how they go together and I did a mock up. I was pleased, so we set the order and got started. I am so very pleased with the finished product that I have added it to my Etsy Shop and am now offering it as part of my collection. Here we kept it simple with just a monogram on the front and the wedding party on the back but I can make these with really anything on the front and back. We kept the colors and motif the same as the other pieces I've created for this wedding. I think they really turned out to be beautiful and they will serve double duty to her guests as they can keep cool on the beach at the resort they are getting married at.

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